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Update on Scarlet Pimpernel Site, Harborne

Today I met with representatives of the developers, Taylor Grange, to discuss plans for the Scarlet Pimpernel site on the Northfield Road/Tennal Road junction. There have been a lot of rumours flying around over recent weeks, including that there were plans for a drive-thru MacDonald’s. I’ve been assured by the developers that this is definitely not the case. Instead, Taylor Grange are planning a mixed use development for the site. Their preferred option is to retain the pub building, and convert it into a day nursery. Then, on what is now the car park of the pub site, three retail units are proposed, including a ‘Tesco-Express’-style convenience store, with parking provision. The convenience store would probably be a branch of one of the major supermarket chains. Should an operator for the day nursery not be forthcoming, then it is proposed to knock down the pub building, and build a small number (perhaps 6) of houses in its place. The plans for the three retail units would be unaffected. Plans are still in their early stages, although they are expected to take a firmer shape in the coming weeks. No planning permission has yet been applied for. It is envisaged an application will be made in the autumn, preceded by a consultation event for residents. This will perhaps be mid-October – I have asked that we have as much notice of the consultation event as possible, so residents can be made aware of the opportunity to share their views. I know from the consultation work we have carried out that there is a high level of interest in this development, and some strong feelings about the sort of usages that people feel would be appropriate for the site. I would encourage all residents who wish to do so, to get involved with the consultation process, and make their voices heard.

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She stands by her convictions. We should all do that more.

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